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What is the future of human? And what is the future of humans in cities?

mission: humanise the global-techno-economic-military-urban-financial-production industrial complex aka, the global order.

humans + atoms + bits

people, places and production.

the human dream: A development vision for all of humanity--the west, global south, Asia, etc. Everyone. 

The future human living.

So 30 years into full-fledged globalisation⚙️🌍 , we now finally and collectively realise 😱  that the net aggregate effect has been nothing short of criminal failure for the global economy, human enterprise and let's not forget the biosphere. While the worldwide 🚛🌍🛫  exchange of technologies, finished goods and ideas has created immeasurable economic development possible for both the developing and developed parts of the world, the overall impact has been disastrous for the modern human story. These fatal flaws which we will discuss were only fully exposed when covid-19 disruptions became too close to home to ignore. The global awakening of the fragility of global supply chains into vast global networks and the worlds stratospheric dependance for basic and critical goods on a single country: China 🇨🇳 , are forcing seismic changes in how the world economy works. At CoH, we like to refer this global correction as 'humanising the global order.

Our focus is on the city 🏙 environment...why? because that's where the overwhelming share of humanity now lives and where globalisation is interconnected from.

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